Private Residence

Client: Private Client

Principal Contractor: Kingerlee

Architect: Niall Mclaughlin Architects

Package Value: £750K

Szerelmey were contracted to supply and install the cladding for this striking private residence in Hampshire, the heart of the English countryside. The large contemporary home features a combination of pre-cast concrete, Purbeck ashlar cladding and unusually large areas of coursed, rubble flint walling. The Purbeck stone, quarried in Dorset, mainly consists of large quoin stones at thicknesses ranging up to 150mm.

Between the quoin stones Szerelmey installed the graded field flints in straight courses, two to a quoin course, lending the exterior great character and texture. All the flints were sourced within 20 miles of the project. Szerelmey also undertook all the hard landscaping around the property including Purbeck hard paving, steps and cobbled sets in black basalt. The project was not without complications partly due to site restrictions brought about from it being an area of scientific interest. The plot in Hampshire sits on one of only three chalk riverbeds in the world and as such many restrictions were in place which the Szerelmey team had to work around.




Private Residence - Szerelmey
Private Residence - Szerelmey
Private Residence - Szerelmey

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