Restoration Services

Szerelmey Restoration specialises in restoration, conservation, refurbishment and remodelling all types of heritage properties and structures, across all sectors. Drawing on over 160 years of experience, we are able to provide solutions for the most complex works including facade retention, take down and rebuild, facade stretching and structural works.

Quality and Craftsmanship

We are the market-leading restoration company in London and outlying counties, and work on all types of buildings and monuments from historic, listed landmarks to modern properties. We are experienced in working in all sectors including Ecclesiastical, Commercial and Retail, Public, Private, Residential, Transport and Infrastructure and Educational.

Our team of directly employed craftspeople are highly skilled in working on fragile and heritage buildings, and their passion for what they do is reflected in the quality of their of work. We work as Principal Contractor or Specialist Subcontractor, and strive to ensure the highest quality delivery, on time and to budget.


Our major projects team can deliver large-scale, challenging projects working as Principal Contractor or Specialist Subcontractor. The team can undertake all forms of restoration and structural alterations / adaptations including new build elements, often working in conjunction with our inhouse Design team.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding
Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding


Szerelmey Restoration has a wealth of experience in working on heritage and fragile structures approaching all heritage projects with care and empathy. We always use the least invasive approach with our craftspeople dedicated to protecting and restoring the structures they work on, and we carry out rigorous surveys, sampling and assessment of the structure before starting any work.

Retained Facades

We have delivered multiple retained facade projects over many years. This involves the survey, careful dismantle, removal, adaptation, storage and finally reinstatement of historic facades and is one way to ensure the retention of the heritage detail whilst facilitating modern structural requirements. Our design team can also accommodate the stretching of the existing facade to seamlessly blend with the existing.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding
Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding


Preserving historic interiors is just as important as external works. Our team can carry out all forms of interior restoration from straight forward marble and terrazzo cleaning to insitu repairs, metal works, decorative painting and gilding, scagliola and structural alterations, creating mezzanine levels and the formation of new openings to adapt historic buildings for contemporary uses.


Our Restoration team work closely with our Design team which enables us to deliver complex projects that involve heavy design input. This might include structural adaptations to existing facades and interiors to enable the repurposing of historic buildings for contemporary use, the creation of new openings and facade “stretching”. Often we will design new fixing systems and supporting structures for use with historic stone, terracotta and brickwork.

Visit our Design page for more information.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

“The restoration of the retained facade was a challenging element of work which the team completed to an excellent standard.”

One Crown Place

“In my opinion, Szerelmey Restoration Limited have been the best performing Sub-Contractor on our Hanover Square Project.”

Hanover Square, Retained Facades

“The co-operation between Szerelmey staff and St John’s staff on a site in a busy area with the Church needing uninterrupted access was excellent.”

St John’s Church, Waterloo


Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

Surveys + Consultation

We can support you during the early stages of your project through our experienced specialists offering technical advice, specification development and material advice. We will work with you to find the right solution for your project to produce the best results fitting your programme and budget. We offer a range of surveys from binocular, rope access, MEWPs to a full envelope condition survey produced using detailed reports. We use photogrammetry when required, and carry out a full range of cleaning samples.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

Full Cleaning of externals and internals

Our specialist teams carry out full facade cleaning or cleaning of historic interiors, and can do both while the building remains in use. We only use the most appropriate and least invasive methods of cleaning and are able to carry out exemplar cleaning samples prior to commencement. We can mobilise quickly for emergency cleaning works and are skilled in paint/graffiti removal. All repairs and restoration are carried out by our skilled craftspeople.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

Restoration, conservation, preservation

We are very experienced in working on heritage, listed and fragile buildings and structures. Our teams will provide specialist advice through to the delivery of complicated restoration, conservation and preservation projects. Our craftspeople and stonemasons carry out full repairs and replacement to natural stone, terracotta, stucco, render, faience, brickwork, concrete and terrazzo.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

Retained facades and adaptive reuse

Adapting historic facades and existing buildings to enable the repurposing of buildings for modern use is something our skilled craftspeople have been doing for many years. Our approach is always one of care and attention to detail, whether we are dismantling a historic facade and reinstating it to accommodate modern cavities and supporting structures, adding new levels to an existing historic building or creating structural adaptations and new openings. We will blend the new areas to the historic ones seamlessly.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

Stone masonry, HISTORIC brickwork, faience and terracotta

Our team comprise of highly skilled operatives including stone restorers, bricklayers and banker masons. We specialise in all types of stonemasonry, brickwork, terracotta and faience and stucco restoration using the most appropriate materials and techniques.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

Remodelling and structural repairs

As part of our restoration services we undertake structural repairs and modifications externally and internally, making new entrances, creating mezzanine levels, staircases, ramps and accommodating the requirements of a building’s change of use. All our design work is done in house with preserving the historic fabric of the building the priority.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

Roof work and lead work

We can deliver the complete restoration of a building, and this extends to the roof. We are able to undertake asphalt, flat roofs, slating, tiling, liquid roofing systems, copper works and all aspects of roofing including lead works.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

Painting and decorating

In addition to building restoration, we are able to undertake all forms of decoration works, to all surfaces, both internally and externally.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

Carpentry and joinery

Szerelmey are able to undertake all elements of carpentry and joinery works specializing in windows, surveys, repairs and replacements.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

Metal work

Our skilled team are experienced in specialist metalwork repairs. Works include the design, supply and installation of all elements including replica architectural metalwork, all forms of associated leadwork and powder coated aluminium elements.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

Window Restoration, Repair and Replacement

We are experienced in working with all types of windows and can carry out the repair, restoration, replacement and decoration of both historic and contemporary ones.

Our Cleaning Services

Our approach to cleaning facades and interiors is “less is often more” – we recognize how important it is to protect the historic fabric of the building through empathetic cleaning and restoration.

  • Nebulous water cleaning
  • Steam cleaning – Doff and Thermatech
  • Jos, Torc and wet vortex abrasive
  • Dry ice cleaning
  • Latex and poultice cleaning
  • Laser cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Paint removal
Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding

Terracotta + Faience Restoration

Szerelmey has a specialist team that carry out the highly skilled repair and restoration of terracotta and faience. These works might involve isolated in situ mortar repairs including finishing, using colour matched glazes. Where more severe damage has occurred, the team will carefully remove the defective unit and replace with a like-for-like new one. The team have worked on many of London’s most iconic faience and terracotta buildings including the complete restoration of Battersea Power Station Internals, Michelin House, Natural History Museum and innumerable London Underground Stations.

Apprenticeships + Training

Apprenticeships and training are really important to us. Many of our restoration team started with us many years ago as apprentices and are now training younger members themselves. We currently offer two different apprenticeship courses: Stone Restoration / facade Preservation and Stone Masonry, Fixing and Installing.

Restoration Company London - Stone, Façade & Cladding