One Bishopsgate Plaza

Client: UOL

Principal Contractor: Lend Lease

Architect: PLP Architecture

Package Value: £2.5M

This was a complicated project that involved both new build and restoration work. We cleaned and restored the long brick facade with Portland stone dressings on Devonshire Row. The Bishopsgate end of this facade and the Bishopsgate facade itself was covered in many layers of thick paint. We carried out a number of tests to remove the paint before settling on a combination of eco-friendly paint removal, followed by a complete steam clean. Once the paint was removed it became apparent that a considerable amount of damage had been covered up over the years. This was mainly due to historic bomb damage and the removal of a high level cornice.

The removal of the cornice left all sky facing surfaces unprotected from the weather and ultimately led to the demise of the soft Bath stone elevation. After carrying out a complete condition and restoration survey we commenced in carrying out an extensive restoration to both elevations. This included reinstating the high level cornice and reapplying a breathable masonry paint. The existing historic facade facing Bishopsgate was only half of what the original building had been, with one half removed at some point. Our new build team were tasked with recreating this missing part of the building as an exact replica of the existing. The facade was recreated using Bath stone to match the original, with granite columns and ornate detailing. This also included the recreation of a decorative cupola, which had also been removed, but was known through historic photographs. Other works involved the recreation of a small faience facade, which had also been lost in history.




One Bishopsgate Plaza - Szerelmey
One Bishopsgate Plaza - Szerelmey
One Bishopsgate Plaza - Szerelmey

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