St James’s Gateway

Client: Crown Estate

Principal Contractor: Lend Lease

Architect: Eric Parry Architects

Package Value: £1M

This substantial project incorporates two entirely different facades, both of which Szerelmey were responsible for, and both reflecting very different characters; one faience and one Portland stone. The Eagle Place/Jermyn Street facade is a beautiful new build in pristine Portland stone, all sourced, designed and installed by Szerelmey. Unlike the Piccadilly aspect, this stone facade is full of quiet grandeur and timeless elegance.

At the fifth floor level there is a large sculpture of a totemic face by artist Stephen Cox measuring 2.2 meters high x 2 meters wide. Szerelmey sourced and tested the black charnockite stone used to carve the piece. The stone was sourced in the Chennai area of South East India, and Szerelmey, in conjunction with Arup, carried out the dimensioning and petrographic analysis of the block prior to carving. Szerelmey also undertook the complicated installation of the sculpture on the corner of the building specifically positioned to capture and reflect the evening sun.


St James's Gateway - Szerelmey
St James's Gateway - Szerelmey
St James's Gateway - Szerelmey

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