Battersea Power Station Internals

Client: BPSDC

Principal Contractor: Mace

Architect: Wilkinson Eyre and Purcell

Package Value: £23M

Szerelmey Restoration have delivered the important restoration and repair works to the interior of Battersea Power Station. The project has won numerous awards since its completion making it one of the most iconic projects in London. Our works have included extensive brick replacements and repointing, forming new openings including the manufacture and installation of new steelwork and widespread faience repair and replacement through both Turbine Halls. The team have used over 400,000 bricks to restore large sections of the internal features, carefully selecting colours and textures to blend with the existing. We designed and installed lintel slips for the new soldier course to the east elevation of the Switch House and created 15 new openings between Turbine Hall A and the Boiler House. We adapted 13 steel beam supported openings between the Boiler House and the newer, less decorative Turbine Hall B. Both have required the design and installation of various shaped and sized new steelworks to withstand the enormous stresses and loadings required. We have installed over 15,000 new faience tiles to replace badly damaged existing ones and have undertaken extensive in situ mortar repairs to less damaged tiles. In addition, 90% of all the original faience tiles were carefully pinned back to the substate to reduce the risk of any historic tiles working loose. Click to watch the video of our works.



Battersea Power Station Internals - Szerelmey
Battersea Power Station Internals - Szerelmey
Battersea Power Station Internals - Szerelmey

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