Nova 5

Client: Land Securities

Principal Contractor: Mace

Architect: Flanagan Lawrence Architects

Package Value: £5M

Nova Building 5 forms part of the development scheme in Victoria by Land Securities. The scheme involves the construction of a new “urban campus”, a vibrant hub of London life covering 5.5 acres in the West End. The building is 14 storeys high with commercial usage on the ground floor and high end residential above. The striking design involves mixed materials with the stonework and the stainless steel framework behind, designed, supplied and installed by Szerelmey. The stonework is all in Fancy Beach Portland stone sourced from Albion Stone. The lively and textured surface of the stone contrasts with the flatness of the other materials that form the facade and windows.

The architect specifically wanted the stone to appear very natural and unprocessed, which also makes it particularly environmentally friendly since it has undergone the minimum amount of post quarrying work. We designed, supplied and installed giant “flying walls” to the south and north end of the building. These walls are 6m wide by nine storeys high and were extremely complicated to install given their great weight. Szerelmey managed the structural engineering and fabrication of the walls by specialists, and installed them. Despite their size they appear elegant and weightless.




Nova 5 - Szerelmey
Nova 5 - Szerelmey
Nova 5 - Szerelmey

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