Wine Tasting Ladies Night at The Arch

Last week Szerelmey hosted another of our “ladies events” with a wine tasting evening hosted by celebrity wine expert Grant Hedley at Laithwaites near London Bridge. We had a great time with a lovely group of ladies from different sectors of the construction industry and even had our token man in the form of Contracts Director Pete McColm.

The evening was really interesting, starting with a great sparkling English wine and moving on through a series of white wines and reds. As each wine was served Grant gave us a run down on the wine’s qualities and what to look for in a good wine. Alongside the wine we had a series of different cheeses, chosen to complement the different flavours – all in all making for a very tasty evening! We finished off with a fun-filled wine knowledge test with the winner being Alicia Arguelles from Lynch Architects.

Thank you to Aideen Lee, Alicia Arguelles, Alison Coutinho, Anita Preszecsan, Carol James, Claudia Keischar, Emily Watson, Erato Vasileiou, Fiona Li, Francesca Basso, Grace Bradley, Holly Galbraith, Josien van der Meer, Karen Gray, Lucy Cox, Lucy Rees , Manja Krieg, Marta Campillo, Nicky Rance and Sofia De Los Rios for joining us!

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