Soggy Ascot!

This was possibly the soggiest Royal Ascot we have ever had! Szerelmey has been entertaining clients at Ascot for a number of years now and have experienced pretty much every weather condition bar snow. Although this year started off fine, the heavens opened right in time for the Queen’s parade, and then rained steadily for most of the afternoon’s racing.

We were not put though and, armed with umbrellas, put a very British face on it! In fairness, the excellent lunch followed swiftly by cream tea, and washed down with a respectable amount of wine helped. The day ended true to form with a stint of terrible singing along by the bandstand to old classics. We had a few winners amongst us, but overall the advice would be to steer clear of gambling …

Thank you to Robert Kennett, Eric Parry Architects, for his photograph of the rain!

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