Victoria House

Client: Victoria House Property Ltd Partnership

Principal Contractor: Szerelmey


Package Value: £267K

Victoria House is a stunning, grade II listed, neoclassical building constructed in the 1920s and remodelled in 2003 to provide a state-of-the-art contemporary space for commercial, retail and leisure purposes. Szerelmey were involved in the 2003 remodel and carried out extensive cleaning to the external facades of the building in addition to creating new openings and repairing stonework and lead work, as well as restoring large areas of the interior marble.

More recently Szerelmey have undertaken a complete cleaning package to the main public interior areas including all the reception spaces and staircases. All the floors have been hand cleaned using a combination of speed stripper and diamond polishing methods, with the surfaces then sealed using Lithofin sealant. The team carried out complete interior decoration and painting to the public areas, French polishing all the wood work to bring back its lustre and polishing all the bronze elements including staircase hand rails. All the interior polished plaster was cleaned using mild detergent and water and was then re-waxed, isolated stone repairs were also carried out.

Once all the cleaning and repairs were completed a survey was carried out to assess the existing stone work and structural elements for soundness. In addition isolated asphalt repairs were carried out to the external aspects of the building’s balconies.

Victoria House - Szerelmey

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