Visit to Darwen Terracotta

Our Estimating team took a trip to Blackburn recently to visit the Darwen Terracotta factory, where they were given an informative tour and talk by Jon Wilson, Director. As one of just a few companies that specialises in the design, supply and installation of faience, it is really important for all of our team to understand how this quirky material is produced. The tour of the factory gave the estimators a real insight into just how much work, time and cost goes into producing a single piece! We encourage our clients who are considering using faience on a building to visit one of our suppliers (we are happy to arrange this) early on in design stages to also fully understand both the lengthy process involved in production, but more importantly, the fantastic results! We also offer a RIBA accredited CPD on the Use of Faience and Terracotta in Modern Building, so do contact the office if you would be interested in booking one.

Darwen are currently producing the faience for our project Academy House. The images show the striking blue tiles finished and waiting to be packed up and shipped, the same tiles before they were glazed, a sample panel of different glazes and a plaster model for a restoration project. The model is used to make the reverse plaster mould, which is used to form the clay piece.

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