Rathbone Square Passageway

Client: Great Portland Estates plc

Principal Contractor: Lendlease

Architect: Make

Package Value:

Szerelmey is one of few companies to specialise in new build faience and complex projects, and the passageways into Rathbone Square covered both. We were contracted to undertake the design, supply and installation of two substantial new passageways linking Rathbone Place and Newman Street to a new public square.

These unique passageways are clad in jade green faience which was produced using two types of manufacturing process: extrusion and hand pressing. To achieve the exact curvature of the passageways, the flat extruded pieces were laid in curved moulds to set before being glazed. The development of the glaze was a lengthy process with the colour developed to match a jade bracelet belonging to the Client.

Szerelmey also designed and installed the supporting structures, installed the granite plinth, the bronze powder coated aluminium lighting channels and the glazed office walkways. Rathbone Passageway measures 5.5m wide x 5.5m high x 23.5m long and Newman Passageway measures 2.75m wide x 5.5m high x 17m long.


Rathbone Square Passageway - Szerelmey
Rathbone Square Passageway - Szerelmey
Rathbone Square Passageway - Szerelmey

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