Going Greener

Szerelmey has been making big efforts over the last few years to operate in a greener way including establishing our Green Team, aka Szerelmey Eco Warriors. Last year we were able to join the Ethical Stone Register at Declaration level and were the first Specialist Subcontract to do so. This year we are working towards moving up a level.

Everyone in the company has been proactive and enthusiastic about the things we have been implementing in the office from sensor lights to paperless Fridays to recycling as much as we can in terms of rubbish and recycling books around the office via a book drop system. We recently asked our staff to let us know what sort of things they do at home to be eco-aware and have pulled together the following list from their responses:

  1. Use a company called Green Energy, the only UK supplier providing electricity from 100% renewable sources and offsetting the house gas you use with 100% green gas
  2. Beeswax instead of clingfilm
  3. Milk in glass bottles
  4. Buy loose/unwrapped veg/fruit
  5. Organic and or chemical-free makeup, hair products, soaps, etc
  6. Use composting bin
  7. Switch lights off when leaving room
  8. Turn the tap off while brushing teeth
  9. Collect cold water from shower while waiting for hot to come through, use for flushing toilets or watering plants
  10. Use loofah for dishes not plastic sponges
  11. Use plant-based or organic cleaning products
  12. Buy cleaning products that can be refilled
  13. Buy from market and butcher and use own containers
  14. Use own shopping bags to avoid plastic ones
  15. Wait to do washing until full load
  16. Wash clothes only when they are dirty
  17. Feed leftover food, other than poultry, to chickens
  18. Recycle everything possible
  19. Use Freecycle.org for recycling other items
  20. Cycle or walk to work
  21. Live in an energy-efficient A-rated building
  22. Buy British and local
  23. Lots of house plants
  24. Try to buy clothing brands that are not associated with sweatshops
  25. Automated light switches scheduled to switch off
  26. Plant loads of bee-friendly plants in the garden
  27. Donate all unwanted items to different charity shops
  28. Use water butts to collect water for plants and garden
  29. Grow own veg
  30. Reuse old pieces of wood in the garden for different things
  31. Holiday in the UK (even pre lockdown)
  32. Avoid using the tumble dryer
  33. Avoid consuming animal products where possible
  34. Keep bees and chickens
  35. Solar panels on roof


Going Greener - Szerelmey

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