Wren 300 Stone Carving Festival

In celebration of the groundbreaking achievements of the British architect, mathematician, astronomer and scientist Sir Christopher Wren, Szerelmey  recently attended the Wren 300 Stone Carving Festival, marking 300 years since his passing. The event was a great success, with a strong public presence throughout its duration. Apprentices, students, professional carvers and conservators alike were all welcome, which provided our restoration apprentice in attendance, Marcus Brown, an opportunity for networking and discussion with other budding carvers as well as some highly skilled carvers with years of insight into the industry.

Marcus Brown, our apprentice restorer, produced relief carvings to create a beautiful stone piece out of Portland stone. At the conclusion of the event, the completed pieces were assembled into a celebratory arch, showcasing all the work conducted over the course of the three days at the Holy Sepulchre in London. Overall, the event achieved what it set out for and more, and we couldn’t be prouder to contribute to our next generation of stone carvers.

WREN 300 Stone Carving Festival (31/05/23 – 03/05/23)

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