130 Sutherland Avenue

Client: Christopher Sargeson

Principal Contractor: Szerelmey


Package Value: £120K

The magnificent residential brick building 130 Sutherland Avenue has had its exterior completely cleaned, restored and repaired by the Szerelmey Restoration team.

The entire facade was carefully cleaned using a gentle nebulous water spray system suitable for historic masonry and the high temperature, steam based DOFF system for tougher stains. Extensive brick repairs and replacements were made and complicated York stone slab replacements made to the cantilevered balcony which entailed the use of specialist lifting equipment.

Further repairs were made to the roof, lead coverings were installed to the main cornice and the metal railings repaired. Szerelmey installed an ornamental, metal spiral staircase to the rear, garden elevation and new stone steps to the front entrance.

130 Sutherland Avenue - Szerelmey
130 Sutherland Avenue - Szerelmey
130 Sutherland Avenue - Szerelmey

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