Hand Held to Super Scale Ceramics Exhibition


Szerelmey is proud to be associated with the ‘Hand Held to Super Scale: Building with Ceramics’ exhibition which celebrates the resurgence of ceramics in contemporary architecture, bringing together the designers, artists, manufacturers and ceramicists working on interesting projects in this versatile material.

Neurodiversity in Construction Workplace


Many people will have no idea what neurodiversity is or what it means, or what it means to employers, and certainly what it means to the construction industry. Simply put, neurodiversity refers to the different ways the brain works and interprets information. It highlights that neurological variations, like any other form of variation should be recognised, respected and appreciated – that people with neurological variations should be treated to the same inclusivity as those of different gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation and religion.

Szerelmey appoint two new Directors


Szerelmey Ltd are delighted to announce the appointment of two new Directors bringing a new dynamic and perspective to compliment the current Board’s stone masonry knowledge and experience.

Your Mental Health First Aiders are here for you


Szerelmey are committed to helping create a workplace where people feel they can talk and get support when they require. We are affiliated with Mates in Mind and Building Mental Health Charter so together we can be the change needed to improve workplace mental health.

Working at Height Safely


Every year, many people are injured when they fall from scaffold towers or when the tower overturns. Szerelmey is fully committed to providing a safe working environment and we are constantly looking at ways to maintain and improve on this….

Soggy Ascot!


This was possibly the soggiest Royal Ascot we have ever had! Szerelmey has been entertaining clients at Ascot for a number of years now….

Waterloo Festival


The beautiful Church of St John’s is one of our favourites, following completion of stone works and restoration there last Christmas.

London Festival of Architecture


Throughout June, London will be buzzing with all kinds of interesting lectures and walking tours forming part of the London Festival of Architecture. There is something for anyone interested in any aspect of architecture, modern living and London’s history.